10 Tips to Boost Your Energy This Summer

In this article, we have written 10 Tips to Boost Your Energy This Summer. Which is very beneficial for you. These 10 tips will help you stay energized. A person should always be energetic. so that he can do any work properly.

10 Tips to Boost Your Energy This Summer

10 Tips to Boost Your Energy This Summer

1. Exercise for 8 Minutes

When it’s too hot and muggy for hard workouts, take a brisk walk instead. Walk with your head held high and your arms swinging for eight minutes for an instant jolt of energy that lasts two hours or more, according to research at Stanford University. Short bursts of motion stimulate your brain to produce ATP, a co-enzyme that’s the brain’s key form of energy and flush out lactic acid, a fatigue-triggering waste product that can get clogged up in your tissues if you sit too long at a stretch.

Try it: Take an after-dinner walk for eight minutes. It will cut your risk of restless sleep by as much as 70 percent, say, Canadian researchers. Evening workouts ramp up production of the calming, snooze-inducing hormone serotonin.

2. Cuddle up to a Cold Pack

Women are twice as likely to struggle with insomnia during the summer than in cooler months, according to a National Sleep Foundation survey. The reason? Later sunsets and warmer, muggier weather block the body temperature drop that’s needed for sound sleep, says Meir Kryger, M.D., author of Can’t Sleep, Can’t Stay Awake. Researchers say even a tiny dip in body temperature can kick-start production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin — and you can accomplish this in just 15 minutes with a cold pack.

Try it: Place a cold pack on your skin where blood vessels run close to the surface, such as your wrists, your neck, or the crook of an arm or knee, suggest UCLA researchers.

3. Grill a Burger

Women are twice as likely to be hit with the nutritional double-whammy of a combined iron and folic acid deficiency, especially during the summer, say Harvard researchers. Increased physical activity combined with the physical stress of adapting to heat and humidity can drain your body’s stores of these energizing nutrients. The result: Mental fatigue, brain fog and trouble concentrating. To prevent brain drain, eat more meat, poultry and eggs — top sources of an iron-folic acid combo, say Harvard researchers. Getting enough of the iron-folic blend daily can pump up your mineral stores (and mental energy) within three weeks.

Try it: Dig into a four-ounce burger or toss two hard-boiled eggs or a cup of diced chicken into your salad.

4. Have a Laugh

Bummed out about an oppressive heatwave? Relieve your bad mood by having a good laugh — it can cut even bone-weary fatigue in half within 20 minutes, say researchers at the University of California, San Diego.

Try it: Watch a silly sitcom, read your favorite cartoons or having a good laugh with a friend, says Steven M. Sultanoff, Ph.D., adjunct professor of psychology at Pepperdine University in California.

5. Massage Your Toes

Summer’s stifling heat can disrupt your central nervous system’s ability to maintain adequate blood flow to your brain and muscles — leading to a dull, but persistent feeling of sluggishness. To correct that energy drains fast, try firmly massaging the soles of your feet and the webbed areas between your toes, suggest researchers at Florida’s University of Miami. Their studies show that these tickly spots contain clusters of nerves — called acupressure points — that message to your blood vessels whenever you press on them, relaxing and dilating your arteries and improving the flow of energizing blood to your brain and muscles. Plus, massaging your toes can stimulate your brain to produce fatigue-fighting hormones called endorphins. All-told, that TLC can chase away tiredness for up to 90 minutes straight, University of Miami researchers say.

Try it: Sit in a comfortable position that allows you to massage your feet easily. Press into the soles of your feet and rub the webbed area between the toes for two minutes for maximum benefit.

6. Serve Sweet Potato Fries

Adding half a cup of sweet potato fries to a meal can keep you energized for up to three hours; eating them four times a week could cut your risk of draggy summer fatigue by 25 percent, say, Canadian researchers. These sweet orange dynamos are loaded with potassium and beta-carotene, nutrients that heal and nourish your energy-producing adrenal glands, according to USDA researchers.

Try it: You can steam, boil, bake, sauté, stir fry or grill these versatile veggies. Or, cut them into sticks to add a dash of color to your next veggie tray. Toss them in the oven for delicious baked fries.

7. Sip Your Coffee Slowly

Harvard researchers say that folks who start their day with a modest six ounces of java –then sip a couple of ounces every hour until lunch — have far more energy than people who down hefty doses (16 ounces or more) first thing in the morning. The researchers’ best guess: A steady trickle of caffeine during the first half of the day actually blocks the buildup of adenosine — a powerful sleep-triggering compound — in your brain cells.

Try it: Pour iced coffee into a thermos, where it can stay refreshingly cool for hours, and sip it slowly through the morning.

8. Wake Up and Smell the Citrus

Summer’s unrelenting heat and humidity are physiological stressors, and they can dampen your brain’s ability to produce mood-elevating beta waves. But inhaling the sweet, tangy aroma of lemon, orange or any other citrus can kick-start beta wave production, raising your alertness and energy levels by 50 percent or more within two minutes, says Alan Hirsch, M.D., medical director of Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation.

Try it: Open a bottle of citrus essential oils (available in health food stores) and inhale deeply. Or enjoy a half-cup serving of the fresh fruit! “Be sure to savor the citrusy smell while you eat, so the odor molecules can actually reach and stimulate, your brain,” says Dr. Hirsch.

9. Stand Up and Stretch

Just 60 seconds of stretching (reach toward the ceiling, touch your toes, scrunch your shoulders, roll your head) can raise your energy levels and stamina by 45 percent for one hour, say researchers at California’s Stanford University. Stretching tight muscles sends wake-up messages to your brain’s alertness center, plus it boosts the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your heart, lungs, muscles, and nerves.

Try it: When working outside in the heat starts to wear you out — or the urge to nap strikes in the midst of running errands– a one-minute stretch can quickly restore your vim and vigor.

10. Switch to Yerba Matte Mid-Afternoon

This popular South American tea can pep up your late-day energy levels and alertness 25 percent or more, says Ray Sahelian, M.D., author of Mind Boosters. The credit goes to methylxanthines, plant compounds that deliver the pure energy boost of caffeine, but without the jitters or restless sleep that can hit when you drink coffee too close to bedtime.

Try it: For a refreshing iced treat, steep yerba mate in hot (not boiling!) water, add sweetener to taste, chill, then serve over ice.

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