11 best sex games for couples

11 best sex games for couples

At the beginning of every love, the bed is a fair, there is always something going on. The longer the relationship lasts (which is a good thing per se), the less fairground there is in bed. Corona has also caused sex lulls in many bedrooms, which is also proven studies. Those who constantly sit on each other lose interest in each other, and if this is underpinned by working from home or short-time work, the air or desire is soon completely gone. (Pssst: So you get more desire for sex again.)

Whether due to a pandemic or everyday stress: eroticism, passion and tenderness are often neglected. But sex is actually a great opportunity to switch off your head for a while, let off steam and make life with your partner more relaxed. And it’s a form of entertainment that doesn’t require anyone to leave home. Sometimes all you need is something to rekindle the desire. We have a few playful ideas.

What are sex games for couples?

When couple evenings are relocated to your own 4 walls, you tend to get bogged down or just end up in front of Netflix again. Especially when the relationship is no longer “fresh”, a lot of things become habit and the excitement and tension subside. Crackle? none.

With a sex game you breathe new life into your evenings, try new things with your partner, see new sides of them and you get close in completely different ways, all in a casual, playful atmosphere where some( r) can open more easily. Also studies show that playing as a couple is conducive to the quality of relationships.

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What sex games are there?

The approaches of the games offered are different, the aim is similar: Many games require you to fulfill various intimate, tender or actually sexual tasks, they come in the form of board or card games, for example.

Both not your case? Don’t worry, there are other formats that make game night crackle. Take a look at the ones from our gallery, for example, there is something for every type of game.

Does couples play make sex better?

That is absolutely possible and somehow the goal of the whole thing. Sex life (almost) always benefits from new experiences and shared experiences. Such games bring such experiments to your home. Of course we cannot give a guarantee.

The prerequisite for a fun evening is that you both have a general desire for the game and for each other so that you can get involved with it. But even if you don’t fall all over each other afterwards, you’ve tried something new together, maybe you’ve smiled a few times or taken food for thought for your next lovemaking. If the covers are also falling, so much the better.

Sex games can give love new impulses, if only by distracting from the stressful everyday life. Curious? Then check out the gallery with different sex games for couples.

Order here: “Hot Affair by Orion (€54.90)

3 rounds that get more and more exciting and at the end the grand finale: that’s what the board game “Hot Affair” offers. With the various tasks and questions you get to know each other in a completely new way, discover your partner’s secret fantasies and get closer and closer physically from round to round. At the end (if you haven’t already pounced on each other by then), the winner can live out one of 50 fantasies with the other.

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According to customer reviews, both newly in love and long-term relationships get their money’s worth. If you fancy a bit of “international love”, you can join us Monogamy by Creative Conceptions the English version of the game.

Order here: “4-piece dice set from Orion

Simple but effective: just drop the dice and wait to see which part of your body you or your partner should pamper. And where. And with what. And in what position.

This set not only shows a body part and an action (like most other dice of this kind), but also the location and the appropriate accessories. In this way, new combinations, ideas and perhaps also preferences arise again and again. Or would you have thought of blindfolding your sweetheart on the kitchen table and then massaging his hands?

Order here: “Climax” by Lumunu

The popular party game Jenga just got a little more exciting. Each tile has questions or tasks that you must complete before you place it on the tower. The higher the tower, the more exciting and heated it gets. And whoever knocks over the tower has to punish the other… You can think of that together.

If you want to build less and flirt more, you can of course simply pull the blocks out of the bag and concentrate entirely on the person opposite you.

Order here: “Talk Flirt Dare”

Do you remember those first few times, Truth or Dare, with an empty Fanta bottle in the middle and that unfamiliar tingle in your stomach? Talk Flirt Dare lets you bring some of that feeling into your bedroom.

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A few secrets, a little kissing in love and one or the other risk bring you and your partner particularly close.

Is that too good for you? Then the next game might be something for you…

Order here: Orion toy set

Do you like toys and accessories during sex? Then this set might be just the thing for you. Included are an eye mask, a whip, a vibrator and two dice that determine what to do next with your partner.

If you have other toys at home, you can easily expand the game with a little creativity.

Order here: “Bedroom Battle” by Tingletouch

Now it’s getting serious: Unlike the other games that we present here, you don’t just draw cards or roll the dice a bit. Bedroom Battle is all about strategy and skillful play to knock your partner’s pants off (literally). In the end, whoever wins can decide what you two do for the grand finale.

Do you like more sophisticated games and the thrill of a little competition with your partner? Then this game is perfect for you!

Order here: “Sex Vouchers” by Vulava

These vouchers are a way to 12 erotic adventures and 100 more ideas in the online manual. So they are not a classic game, but they give you and your partner playful inspiration for new positions, places and activities.

You can also get creative with the vouchers (because they are produced to a high standard and can therefore be used more often): You could choose one blindly and carry it out, or everyone gets 6 and can redeem them at a time of their choice, or, or, or. With these cards you definitely have a great reason to approach your sex life a bit creatively and playfully.

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Order here: “Love’s Journey to Venus” by Amorjoya

You’ve already checked out all the erotic departments in your area, but somehow everything has been a bit too clumsy for you so far? Then maybe this board game is something for you! The reviews praise the high quality and naturalness of the tasks.

In addition, this game is suitable for all relationships, whether straight, gay, bi, mono or poly… Thanks to the different categories, there really is something for everyone.

You play your way through 4 phases together (or just one, depending on your mood) and explore your own lust, that of your partner and your relationship. Incidentally, the game was designed together with the YouTuber Sandra Raunigg from the “Total versext” educational channel.

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