7 gift ideas for men | WOMEN'S HEALTH

7 gift ideas for men | WOMEN’S HEALTH

Christmas is fast approaching and you still haven’t bought a present for the man (or men) in your life? Then it’s about time! Swipe or click through our photo gallery and let yourself be inspired there.

By the way: For anyone who needs even more gift ideas, we also have a “Gift Guide” here gifts for women.

Why do we like to give so much?

The fact that women prefer to give gifts than men is actually more than a cliché. According to a mydays study, 82 percent of women versus 70 percent of men enjoy giving.

There is a good reason why we like to do this so much: Giving presents is a ritual that is very important to many people, especially at Christmas. After all, giving presents connects people, and this is how you show your counterpart that you have thought of them and appreciate them very much. This in turn strengthens the relationship.

How do I find the right gift for him?

Gifts need to be well thought out and should ultimately please the recipient. After all, every fourth man has been disappointed by a gift from his partner. To avoid this, don’t buy in haste despite time pressure, but think carefully about what your partner could be happy about. The following questions will help:

  • How does he spend his free time or does he have certain hobbies?
  • Is there something you have long wanted or always wanted to do?
  • What clothes does he like to wear?
  • What is his dream destination for his next vacation?
  • Is he looking forward to an experience for two?
  • Does he prefer unusual or practical things?
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What do men look forward to at Christmas?

The most important thing is that the gifts come from the heart. In addition to vouchers and shared experiences, clothing surprisingly ranks third on men’s wish list. The least popular are cosmetics.

What is also always possible are practical gifts that offer added value, such as tools. And: Many men have remained little boys inside and are happy about technical toys.

There are many gift ideas for men, but finding the right gift for your partner is not always easy. In our gallery you will find a selection of the best gift ideas for real men. Get inspired!

Order here: Engbers Sweater (€89.95) or Long-sleeved shirt by Engers (€49.95)

Many use the Christmas season to dress up a bit and put on a shirt or an elegant sweater. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Engers. How about a classic, chic knit sweater with an exciting change in structure, or a long-sleeved shirt with two breast pockets in navy blue?

Order here: Nintendo Switch OLED in white and Splatoon 3

With its improved display, the Switch OLED is aimed in particular at those gamers who prefer to play with the convertible game console on the go. Compared to the classic switch, the more modern OLED technology is used here on an enlarged screen, which offers the best gaming experience thanks to better contrasts and more color brilliance, especially in handheld mode. But there were also a few detail improvements for the TV mode, including a more robust docking station – including an Ethernet connection for a more reliable online connection. So nothing stands in the way of a game night.

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Order here: Winston Christmas Set from Harry’s

Harry’s proves that razors don’t have to cost a fortune to be top quality. The Christmas set includes everything a man needs for a neat shave: the Winston razor, shaving gel, three blade heads and a travel cover to protect the blades (or the gift recipient) on the go. All of this arrives at your home already packed in a beautiful festive gift box. Incidentally, the Winston razor impresses with its heavy die-cast zinc body, which makes it heavier in the hand than other razors. The result: You shave automatically with less pressure, resulting in fewer injuries.

Order here: DJI Mini 3 Pro

Admittedly, this is a very expensive gift! If you’re okay with that and the recipient loves photography and videography, the DJI Mini 3 Pro makes a brilliant gift. With 4K HDR quality, automatic follow mode and active obstacle avoidance, the drone stages everything spectacularly and with a high level of safety. The drone is particularly suitable for beginners, especially since its low weight of only 249 grams means that no drone license is required. When folded, it is about the size of the palm of your hand and can therefore be easily transported. The perfect companion for every trip!

Order here: Ninja Foodie MAX PRO Grill & Air Fryer

With this product from Ninja Foodi, the recipient no longer has to do without barbecuing in winter. Due to the high heat, meat & co. can be seared. Two different grill plates ensure the best grilling experience. By the way, the lid can be used closed and open like with a gas grill. But you can prepare a lot more with the product than just grilling: from roasting, air frying, baking, heating up and drying, everything is possible here.

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Order here: Bicycle wall mount by Charles Daily

He loves his (racing) bike and doesn’t want to just let it gather dust in the basement in winter? From now on, he can use a stylish wall mount to stage his vehicle in the home. And you still have your feet free.

Order here: FM radio kit (€22.48)

Kits are always a nice gift because they offer something to do and if everything goes well, something beautiful comes out of it at the end. There are many other kits from the manufacturer Franzis, such as cameras, games and motors that you can build yourself.

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