An antioxidant-rich detox supplement that promotes longevity*

An antioxidant-rich detox supplement that promotes longevity*

Complex networks of antioxidants neutralize free radicals and regulate cellular oxidative balance throughout the body. liver detoxification processBut they also support universal organ function and longevity by combating oxidative stress in cells throughout the body.*

One antioxidant (considered the “master” of all antioxidants, BTW) is particularly impressive in its ability to fight free radicals (i.e., oxidants):glutathione is an endogenously produced antioxidant that can directly detoxify many oxidants produced [in the body]as well as oxidant [aka toxins] that we are exposed to by our environment,”* explains Brian Day, Ph.D.Professor of Medicine at National Jewish Health.

In addition, glutathione Promotes the uptake of other antioxidants11 (especially vitamins C and E), which makes it a very powerful actor in detoxification and longevity. each day.*

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