Are we having enough sex? how much should couples have

Are we having enough sex? how much should couples have

how often does the couple have sex Won’t tell you if they have problems with their sex life or in their relationship. As Francis points out, there are valid reasons why couples may have little, little, or no sex, whether for a period of time or intentionally as part of their relationship. it is not always a crisisshe says, and it might as well be a really Good Relationship talk

“If both partners agree not to have sex, then not having sex is not a problem and can bring people closer because they create relationships that respect their wishes,” she says.

so when Is Having less sex is a problem?

According to Francis, a lack of sex in relationship There’s only one problem “When people don’t or don’t agree about sex; It can make sex a source of conflict and contention.” And that’s exactly what you don’t want—to feel bad about sex or to feel like a source of tension in the relationship.

If at least one person isn’t happy with the state of their shared sex life, Zimmerman says, that’s when some conversations need to be had about getting to a place that feels good for both people.

But, she stresses, the way to assess the issue isn’t to start counting how often couples are having sex or setting benchmarks for how often they should be. “I believe that talking about frequency, at least just talking about frequency, is the wrong conversation,” she says.

One partner may want to have more sex, but making it only about frequency ignores what is most likely getting the other person really interested in more sex—that is, how pleasant it really is. “We need to talk about the quality of happiness and connection, and we need to understand any barriers,” Zimmerman says.

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