Best Six Mole Removal Method For Face (Body)

Best Six Mole Removal Method For Face

Mole removal method: Moles are marks on the skin that can appear either from an early age to later in life. While they are generally harmless, some people prefer to have them removed for aesthetic reasons and more importantly to prevent serious health conditions such as skin cancer. Some normal-looking moles can eventually evolve and these are the ones that you should particularly monitor as they can ultimately develop into malignant formations.

To prevent serious health risks such as this, make sure to observe any changes in your moles. Signs to be cautious about changes in color, size, shape, border, and surface appearance. If you also start to feel itchiness, pain, or if the moles start to ooze or bleed, it is recommended to straight away visit your doctor or dermatologist for a test. Your physician will discuss with you the condition of your skin growths as well as the available treatment options.

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1. Surgical excision

Usually the prescribed treatment for removing moles, surgical excision cuts off the lesion and stitches the skin. The process requires local anesthesia to numb the skin and minimize discomfort. Scabbing will take place during the recovery period which usually lasts for a week or two depending on the size and condition of the mole removed. The procedure is also known to leave scars although the aesthetic quality is dependent on the doctor’s skill and experience. You can discuss the cost with your doctor as it includes the doctor’s fee, surgical fee, medications, and post-surgical consultations.

2. Cauterization

Employing a strong electrical current, this procedure removes the mole by burning it off completely. A local anesthetic is required as the process is quite painful and can damage the surrounding skin. While considered an effective and permanent form of treatment, it is neither deemed the safest and the best. The procedure is also quite expensive.

3. Cryotherapy

Using liquid nitrogen for destroying the cells responsible for the skin growth, cryotherapy – commonly referred to as freezing will develop a blister during the healing period and will eventually fall off in a week or two. It can cause scars but not as bad as surgical procedures for removing moles. It is generally painless and does not need anesthesia. However, it is not as effective as surgical excision. The cost of the procedure is relatively cheap.

4. Radiosurgery

Cutting the tissues using extremely high-frequency radio waves into the skin, radiosurgery is one of the effective mole removal procedures that vaporizes the mole and seals the skin with no blood. It causes minimal tissue destruction and minimal to no scars. The procedure is, however, expensive.

5. Laser treatment

Moles are removed using laser light in this procedure. While it does not involve pain, and will not cause scars, it is not the most effective treatment since it lacks the ability to penetrate deep enough into the skin. The treatment may require several sessions to finally eradicate the mole. It also happens to be the most expensive procedure that is currently available.

6. Topical solution

Because it does not require tools, pain killers, and visits to the doctor, this solution is a popular option for many people. A lot of topical treatments for moles are available in the market today; one of the popular ones is DermaTend mole remover which is also known to eliminate warts and skin tags. Prices of topical solutions vary among manufacturers but can be very much cheaper compared to other forms of treatment.

There is no need to worry if your moles are benign but even so it is still best to seek professional medical advice if changes occur to ensure that moles are properly treated.

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