Foods Your Kids Must Eat for Max Height Increase

Foods Your Kids Must Eat for Max Height Increase

How many times do your children eat sweets, chips, and fast food meals in a week?

If you cannot count the instances with the fingers on both your hands, you should start getting concerned about their diets. Most especially if you wish them to become statuesque adults in the future.

Looking after the nutritional needs of your youngsters not only ensures that they are healthy and within the normal weight range. It also helps your kids grow taller and be more confident about their statures.

With that being said, you should trim down the “junk” in their daily menu and replace it with foods that are rich in nutrients for height increase.

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Dairy Food For Strong Bones

It is not hard to convince your little ones to drink their milk, snack on yogurt, or eat their share of cheese and eggs. Many kids like how they taste and think they are “dairy-licious.” The good news is that not only are they delicious, but they are also very nutritious too. They have some of the richest concentrations of calcium, which strengthens teeth and bones.

If your children are below 8, they will need at least a thousand milligrams of calcium daily. If they all are already 10 and beyond, the requirement escalates to 1,300.

Citrus Fruits Help Cell Renewal

Those that are yellow or orange in color will give your beloved sons and daughters a high dose of vitamin c, which is an antioxidant that helps cell renewal and growth because it aids the body in resisting free radicals that attack healthy cells. You can serve them as a dessert, snack, or beverage.

Legumes Help Grow Tissue

Nuts, lentils, and beans are excellent alternatives to meat as an abundant source of protein. This nutrient helps keep your children’s bodies strong and well supported because it helps their internal systems repair and grow more tissue, which will help support the skeletal system as it grows. Serve honey-coated peanuts as a sweet treat when your little angels hanker for something fun to eat. This way, you satisfy their need to indulge in their sweet tooth and, at the same time, nudge them forward on the path to growing tall.

Dark Green and Leafy Veggies

Kids typically don’t like them and would find ways to avoid eating them. So, how are you to make them consume nutritious vegetables? Simple. By mixing them in the dishes they like! Start with small amounts and work your way up. Persevere in the efforts to feed your offspring with greens as these are packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants.

Fish For Stronger Bones

Freshly-caught tuna, wild salmon, and saltwater varieties deserve special mention here, as these are rich sources of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D, which is also critical as it helps the bones absorb the calcium circulating within the body.

See to it that the total calorie intake of your kids is within prescribed levels. Here is how you compute them:

100 X age + 1,000 = recommended daily caloric consumption

Are your youngsters more active than the normal kid? Then add 100 or 200 to the total to get a more accurate figure.

Feed your beloved ones right (with the occasional cheeseburger or chips to motivate them) and see their height increase and them growing tall and strong for years to come!

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