Gua Sha: Using massage stones correctly

Gua Sha: Using massage stones correctly

Worth the hype? Yes! We reveal why it can be worthwhile for you to invest in massage stones. Plus: 9 tips on how to use them correctly

jade roller almost everyone knows by now. But have you ever heard of Gua Sha stones? No? Then it’s high time. The new beauty tool threatens to overtake the face rollers.

studies showed a pain-relieving effect of the Gua Sha massage, but this could not be justified in more detail. Here we explain what these mysterious stones are all about, what they are suitable for and how you can find the right one for you.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha originally comes from Asia, more precisely from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). “Gua” translates to stroking, while “sha” means redness. So the “Gua Sha” massage was originally understood as stroking over redness. Among other things, the application is intended to rid the body of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic flow. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

The stones are usually made of jade or rose quartz. In traditional Chinese medicine, the materials are said to have different effects on the skin. Attention, now it’s getting a bit esoteric:

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  • Jade: According to TCM, the green stone has a cleansing, anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect. Gua Sha made of jade are therefore particularly recommended for impure skin.
  • rose quartz: The energy stone is said to help relieve tension and stress—even reduce anxiety. Because our psyche and skin are known to influence each other, it is said to have a calming effect on irritated skin.

Why should I use Gua Sha Stones?

You notice: you have to believe in it a little bit. studies also see a benefit of such traditional applications in a possible placebo effect. If you can’t do anything with hocus-pocus, the following effects of the massage might be of interest to you:

  1. Radiantly beautiful skin: The massage stimulates blood circulation, giving your complexion a beautiful rosy glow. Bye, sallow skin!
  2. Anti-Bags: A cool Gua Sha stone stimulates the lymph flow and can thereby reduce bags under the eyes.
  3. Detox effect: Fans of the stones claim that the stimulating effect on the lymph flow can reduce impurities. However, there are no studies on this.
  4. Care Effect: By working in your products with the gua sha stone, your skin can absorb the care much better.
  5. Antiaging: Face workout enthusiasts claim that regular massages with the gua sha stone work the facial muscles. Will it work? However, there are no valid study results for this either…
  6. Anti stress: By gently rubbing the stone over the skin, tension is relieved and you come to rest. Give it a try next time you’re feeling rushed.
  7. Anti-Headache: By relieving tension and stress, the Gua Sha stone is also considered a home remedy for headaches. However, there are no study results on this either.
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Which Gua Sha Stone is Best?

When buying, make sure that the stone does not have any hard edges and that it is smooth and smooth so that you do not injure your skin. Whether you prefer jade or rose quartz depends on whether you believe in the healing properties of the stones. If not, you can decide based on the look: Do you prefer pink or green? In the following we present the Gua Sha favorites of our beauty editors:

1. Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone by Rosental

Gua Sha Stone by Rosental

Flaconi / PR

Gua Sha stone made of rose quartz from Rosental Organics (via, for €34.90

Order here: Rose quartz from Rosental

You probably already know Marka Rosental Organics from Instagram. Influencers, for example Caro Daur, advertise the stones up and down. We also think the stones of the brand are great. They are well made and fit perfectly in the hand. Our favorite is this square rose quartz stone, which is particularly good for working on the chin and jawline.

2. Jade Gua Sha Stone by Flaconi

Jade Gua Sha by Flaconi

Flaconi / PR

Jade Gua Sha stone by Flaconi, around €14.95

Order here: Flaconi Gua Sha stone

The Flaconi jade gua sha stone with its round shape is ideal for the cheek and eye area. It nestles up well and glides very gently over the skin with a little oil.

3. Rose Quartz Gymnastic Flowers by Skin Gym

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Round Gua Sha stones from Skin Gym


Gymnastic flowers made of rose quartz in a set of 2 from Skin Gym, for €46.95

Order here: Gym Flower (2-piece set) from Skin Gym

If you’ve really developed a taste for gua sha, we can recommend these tools from Skin Gym as an add-on. We think they’re particularly good for massaging the body because you can build up more pressure.

How does the Gua Sha massage work?

Gua Sha / Face Oil Weleda

Flaconi / PR

Almond facial oil from Weleda, around €14.95 (50ml)

Order here: Weleda facial oil

Very simple: All you need for the massage is a Gua Sha stone of your choice and your favorite facial oil. Then simply follow the following Step-by-step instructions for a Gua Sha massage:

Gua Sha massage

millering /

The technology does it! Always work nicely from the inside out

  1. Cleaning: Just like your skin, you should also clean your gua sha stone thoroughly before use. If you don’t do this, you’ll work dirt and bacteria into your skin. Doesn’t have to be.
  2. Apply oil: To make the stone glide on your skin, apply a little oil to your face and neck. Alternatively, you can also use a rich care product.
  3. Working with the lymph flow: Now you can start with the actual massage. Basic rule: Always rub the stone from the inside out to stimulate the lymph flow. Only on the neck you can massage from bottom to top, just like you should apply your cream, namely always massage everything nice and upwards.
  4. Keeping the stone flat: Rub the Gua Sha stone over the skin at a 45 degree angle, i.e. at a slight angle.
  5. Start at the jaw: From your chin you can pull the stone towards your ears, this will relax your jaw.
  6. Now the cheeks: Now you repeat the whole thing from your nose to the hairline.
  7. Beware of the eyes: Strip from the bridge of the nose to the temples. Reduce the pressure so as not to strain the delicate skin.
  8. Finally the forehead: Sweep the stone from the center of your forehead, across your temple to your hairline. For headaches, it is good to pull the stone from the forehead over the scalp.
  9. Clean stone: Hopefully you are now deeply relaxed. Nevertheless, you should take the time to thoroughly clean your stone again to avoid skin impurities.
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How often should Gua Sha be used?

Preferably daily. If you put the stone in the fridge, it will provide a real kick of freshness in the morning and a good start to the day. In the evening, on the other hand, the stone helps you to relax and switch off. Whether you decide to use it in the morning or in the evening, regular use is important so that you can see the promised results.

Can a Gua Sha massage also damage the skin?

Not if used correctly. It is important that you do not pull too hard on the skin. Be careful with acne. Because sliding over the inflammation can hurt and also spread bacteria to your face. In the case of isolated and slight impurities, however, this is not a problem.

Now you know everything you need to know about Gua Sha massage. In any case, we in the editorial office are all fans. On the one hand, regular use makes the complexion so beautifully rosy. On the other hand, the stones have proven their worth against headaches.

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