How should we breathe while running?

How should we breathe while running?

When you are new to exercise or running, you feel to start getting tired very soon, and you might have also heard that by the time you’ll get habitual to it(tiredness). And during this whole process number of questions starts arising in your mind like pain in the muscles might be because of my wrong technique or how should I breathe, I mean should I breathe either through mouth or nose or is there any other way to breathe so that my uneasy breathing problem during running should be tackled easily.

Let’s start from the basics, lack of oxygen makes us tired, oxygen is very important for our body to work properly, and when we are running our body uses most of the oxygen and it still requires more to carry on the work, this is the reason that our breathing starts getting uneasy during running.


Start breathing through your stomach(deep belly breathing), i.e. try to inhale as much as you can and this will let you keep the oxygen in your lungs for a longer duration and this can be done if you are breathing through your mouth. Now generally is not advisable to breathe through your mouth, you should always breathe through your nose as it warms the air and stops the unwanted particles to enter into our body, but if you have to run longer than you have to breathe through your mouth or combination of mouth and nose as per your adjustment.

As we always say everything doesn’t apply to everyone so you can try this, it should be handy.

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