How Staying Fit Can Add Years To Your Life

Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of what a sedentary life can lead to, it is better to focus on the positive outcomes of living an active life, and how it will lead to healthy longevity. Here are ten great reasons to remind yourself of the importance of staying fit and healthy to be able to better enjoy the later years of your life; those years of retirement, when you plan to travel and enjoy your grandkids.

How Staying Fit Can Add Years To Your Life

10.  While many people are busy and don’t have much time to get to the gym; they feel that once they retire they will get back into shape; however, this is probably not the case.  Habit leads to behaviors, so it is better to get into the habit of being active. Don’t try and park closest to the grocery store, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and make a habit out of taking walks when you want to get outside for a bit.  Yes, you should get the daily recommended thirty minutes of exercise to be heart-healthy, but you should also get daily movement as well, aside from just your designated thirty minutes.

9.  Find lifelong hobbies that you enjoy, that help you to be active.  Find a group of friends that like to take a walk at lunch. Or walk the dog with your loved one after dinner.  Healthy habits keep your body strong and active throughout the day.  Simple tasks like gardening and cleaning the house yourself are also a workout.  Keep that body moving!

8.  Spend your free time being active.  On the weekends of course you want to relax, but find ways to also incorporate the great outdoors into your free time.  Take a hike at one of your local state parks, check out some camping locations, or go swimming at a lake.  Make a habit of finding enjoyment out of dynamic activities.  Surround yourself with like-minded friends who also enjoy working out while having a good time.

7.  Being in shape opens up new opportunities for exploring activities.  If you are out of shape, to begin with, you are less likely to join friends on a trip white water rafting or a camping trip that requires a lot of hiking.  You may come across your new favorite activity on one of those last-minute trips.  Stay prepared by working to be in good shape and always keep an open mind for new adventures.  You never know which one might steal your heart.

6.  Staying active keeps your health and body healthy, which means you will be sick less often.  People with poor diet and exercise get into a cycle that they can’t work out because they are always sick. In reality, they are always sick because they aren’t staying healthy and active.  Try and get in some exercise every single day to keep yourself strong and healthy.  A good diet will also help you fight off any flu bugs that may be floating around the office.

5.  Habit makes perfect. When you first start to get into a routine of staying active it may be pretty hard to make it a daily thing.  Make an effort to start small, even if it is a 10 or 15-minute walk after dinner.  If you can make this a habit every single day, then before you know it you will be working out thirty minutes a day at a higher intensity level three to four times a week.  No one starts out perfect, but today is the perfect day to get started.

4.  When you start being active and fit you may think twice about catching the drive-thru window on your way home from work.  Sure you may be exhausted and hungry, but when you get in the habit of a healthy lifestyle, you will be less inclined to ruin your day’s workout with a few moments of greasy bliss.  This will eventually lead to long-term habits that will keep you healthy for years to come.

3.  Enjoy your health while you are young.  Yes, one of the big appeals of staying active while you are young is so that you can live longer and enjoy your health later in life, but why wait?  Get active now and live to the fullest and healthiest right now.

2.  Staying active also will increase productivity at work.  Keep your brain juices flowing by getting in your regular daily activity.  This will reduce stress, which will make your workday just fly by.  Keeping your stress levels at bay will keep you healthy and Zen for many years to come.

1.  Working out each day has been proven to add years to your life.  Joining a workout group can help create friendship bonds for a lifetime.  Whether you opt for a daily walking group, a gym membership with aerobics classes, or a hiking group, bonding with friends is a great way to stay active while increasing your health and bonding with new friends.

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