Top 10 Tips For How To Manage Common Colds

Top 10 Tips For How To Manage Common Colds

Colds are so common these days. Must have been the ever-changing weather. My family, except me, all had colds the other week. It started with my father, my son, and then my sister followed, and then my “so immune” mother.

The horrible week that was! Anyway, I’m glad we’ve somehow gotten rid of it now.

But I read about colds (common colds) in the national papers this morning and I just couldn’t help but put snippets of this valuable info here. According to Dr. Willie Ong, here are some things to do to manage common colds and relieve some of its symptoms (some of these I actually didn’t know!):

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Top 10 Tips For How To Manage Common Colds

Today we will tell you top 10 tips which will help you in curing common colds disease. The common cold is a common disease that must have happened to everyone at some point or the other. It is mostly caused by sudden changes in weather or by doing something different.

1. Drink spicy chicken soup. 

Did you know that chicken soup helps the immune system and speeds up the movement of mucus through the nose? Some experts say that adding garlic, onion or chili also clears the nasal air.

2. Avoid milk. 

Dairy products can cause more phlegm in some people. Avoid dairy products for the moment.

3. Gargle with Saltwater. 

A saltwater gargle using half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water can temporarily relieve your sore and scratchy throat.

4. Use steam. 

Steam inhalation from hot water, hot soup, or a machine helps a dry cough by increasing the humidity in the air. You can also take a hot steam bath or use a humidifier. Whatever you do, just increase the “wetness” around you and it will help loosen your phlegm.

5.Try zinc. 

Zinc lozenges may reduce cough and cold symptoms. Cough lozenges or hard candy can help a dry, tickling cough but should not be given to kids under three years old because they might choke.

6. Consider alternative medicines. 

Echinacea is a very popular herbal remedy for colds although studies have not yet proven its efficacy conclusively. Personally, I’m using Chinese medicines because they relieve my chest congestion.

7. Use positive thinking. 

Some studies show that keeping a positive attitude and visualizing your body killing cells and clearing the cold virus can speed your recovery. Mind and body are more connected than you think. Think healthy and chances are, you will be healthy.

8. Take water and other fluids. 

Drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day can help. Water, juice, ginger drink (Salbat) with honey and hot calamari juice can help reduce congestion and prevent dehydration. Avoid consuming alcohol, coffee, and soft drinks, which make dehydration worse.

9. Take vitamin C. 

Vitamin C may shorten a cold’s duration. A dose of 500 mg. Appears to be sufficient and causes less upset to the stomach.

10 Consider cold medications. 

Over-the-counter decongestants may provide some symptom relief, but they will not prevent a cold or shorten its duration. You may or may not have them. A word of warning: People with high blood pressure and heart disease should exercise caution when consuming these.

11. Rest.

Tell your boss you’re sick. Or work out less than usual so you can help your body recover. Resting your body gives your immune system a boost.

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